Advanced Optics I -- PHYC 463, Fall 2018

Advanced Optics




Lecture 1

Introduction to Optics 

Slides to Introduction to Optics

Lecture 2-3

Driving term of Maxwell's propagation equation

Wave overview


Oscillator model

Maxwell's equations

About Drude

Thursday August 30

Review of one dimensional waves (Chapter 4 of Pedrotti, Chapter 2 of Hecht)
Superposition of waves (Chapter 5 of Pedrotti)
Other topic: link between conservation of energy and phases (not covered in any textbook)


Tuesday September 04

Interface phase shifts - updated!
Project groups (see top of page for group/project assignments)

Pedrotti (1st edition) - Ch 14 & 22 --- 3rd edition: Fresnel equations, chapter 23, pg 491

Thursday September 06

Molecular models of epsilon (lorentz, drude, metallic reflection/refraction)

Hecht (4th edition) - Ch 3 & 4
Pedrotti (1st edition) - Ch 23, & 25 -- 3rd edition: chapter 23, Chapter 25, page 535.
Born and Wolf (7th edition) - Ch 2 & 14

Tuesday September 11

Geometrical Optics (Fermat's principle, Law of reflection/refraction)

Hecht (4th edition) - Ch 3 & 4
Pedrotti (1st edition) - Ch 3
Born and Wolf (7th edition) - Ch 3, Appendix 1 for calculus of variations (also in any math physics textbook)

Finding the minimum path (Calculus of variations)

Mark Levi Snell's law derivation summary (3blue1brown)

Thursday September 13

E&M (wave optics, polarization, boundary conditions)
Fresnel Equations (Brewster's angle, TIR, Evanescent wave)

Hecht (4th edition) - Ch 3 & 4
Pedrotti (1st edition) - Ch 11, 17 (Jones Vectors), 23
Born and Wolf (7th edition) - Ch 1
A lot of this is covered in Griffiths E&M textbook 

On the nature of the evanescent wave

Geometric Optics

Pedrotti, 3rd edition, Chapter 3

Spherical, parabolic mirrors

Prisms, spheres, Glory, Halo and rainbow

Prism minimum deviation

Reading: Shear Collimator -- Summary -- more details

"White cell"


Ray Matrices
Matrix methods in paraxial optics (Pedrotti 3rd edition Chapter18 page 396)

Aberrations (Pedrotti Chapter 20page 438).


Gaussian Beams

Kogelnik Applied Optics 1966



Homework 1: Space

Homework 2: Electron gas
Homework 3: Plasma

Homework 4: Refraction-reflection

Homework 5: Rhomb 

Homework 6: Matrix problem