Principal Investigators

JC Diels

Principal Investigator


Jean-Claude Diels started his career in research constructing a CO2 laser as part of his one year military service (too long) in Belgium. He went then for 5 years (much too long) as a Research Scientist in the fundamental research laboratories of “Philips Gloelampenfabrik” in Eindhoven, with assignment to “do modern research” with “unlimited budget" (which was soon exceeded). He spent the next 3 years (way too short) to do Ph.D. thesis research on coherent pulse propagation in two level systems with Professor Erwin L. Hahn at UC Berkeley. The next two years (too long) were spent at the Max Plank Institute with Professor Fritz Schaefer, the colorful (usually covered with red) father of dye lasers. He got an appointment as an Associate Research Professor at the University of Southern California (“What??? I have to raise my own salary?”). After experiencing the “Centre d’Energie Atomique” of Saclay near Paris (not the Texan Paris), and before the collapse of the Center for Laser Studies at USC, he moved to the CAQE (Center for Applied Quantum Electronics) of the University of North Texas in Denton, where he stayed for 5 years (too long), interrupted by a sabbatical at the University of Bordeaux, France. He has been since … (much too long) at the University of New Mexico, where he graduated more than 50 PhD students.

He co-authored with Wolfgang Rudolph the graduate textbook Ultrashort Laser Pulse Phenomena: Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications on a Femtosecond Time Scale and with Ladan Arrisian the book, Lasers: The Power and Precision of Light, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the laser, and published 5 book chapters.

He is the recipient of the 51st Annual Research Lecturer Award (April 2006), and of the 2006 Engineering Excellence Award of the Optical Society of America.

Contact Telephone: (505) 272-7830

Ladan Arissian

Research Associate Professor

Ladan Arissian holds the appointments of Associated research Professor at the University of New Mexico (CHTM) and Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa in the group of Professor Paul Corkum.  She was previously  Research Associate of the Physics Department of Texas A&M University, performing research in attosecond science at the National Research Council of Canada. She obtained graduate degrees in various physics disciplines, a Ph.D. in Optical science and Engineering from the University of New Mexico in 2007, an M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering (Medical Imaging) and an M.Sc. in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. Besides her interest in research she has been involved in teaching from high school level physics to graduate courses in Optics. Dr. Arissian has published a book intended for the general public for the 50th anniversary of the laser (“The Power and Precision of Light”), 4 book chapters, 40 refereed articles,  46 invited papers, 67 contributed  conference presentations, and holds 7 patents in various areas of laser physics

Graduate Students

Laser filamentation


Ali Rastegari

Ph.D. Candidate


Lasers Ultra short pulse laser sensors

Former Visitors and Alumni

Alumni M.S.

Alumni Ph.D.

  • Luke Horstman Honeywell - 2022
     Luke graduated from Bethel University (Saint Paul, MN) in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in physics. There he worked in Dr. Chad Hoyt's laser cooling lab studying the dynamics of a lithium magneto optical trap. In August of 2016 Luke began working in the concentrating solar power (CSP) group at Sandia National Labs where he developed a thermal analysis tool. The first of its kind, this tool aids in the analysis and elimination of thermal hazards associated with the concentrated sunlight present in the airspace surrounding a CSP plant. Now a Ph.D. student in the optical science and engineering program at UNM, Luke has been aiding in filamentation, Intracavity phase Interferometry, and fiber OPO projects in Dr. Diels' labs.
  • Brian Kamer - 2021
  •  Hanieh obtained a Bachelor of Science in physics in 2006 and a Master of Science in photonics from the University of Shahid Beheshti (Tehran, Iran) in 2009. In 2015 she was awarded a Master of Science degree in Optical Science and Engineering from the University of New Mexico. In Dr. Diels' group, Hanieh implements intracavity phase interferometry in mode locked fiber lasers. Polarization maintaining, mode-locked fiber lasers are the most promising lasers for IPI because they offer the possibility to have two orthogonally polarized pulses circulating independently in a linear cavity.
  • Ning Hsu - 2020
     Ning received his Bachelors of Science and Master of Science in Optics in 2011 and 2012 from National Central University in Taiwan. He was supervised by Dr. Yen-Hung Chen and involved in the design and fabrication of versatile aperiodically poled lithium niobate (APLN) applying in solid states lasers. He has joined Dr. Diels group since January of 2014, and his research is focusing on self-focusing (filamentation), on control and characterization of ultrashort laser pulse, and defocusing on second order nonlinear optics.
  • James Hendrie - 2019
     James received his bachelors of science in Physics from Indiana University in 2012 where he worked in variety of physics labs under the direction of Dr. Roger Pynn in neutron scattering and Dr. Donald Miller in retinal optical coherence tomography. As a member of Dr. Diels' group, he researches nested frequency combs in custom built mode-locked cavities and their utilization in intracavity phase interferometry systems. These systems are utilized in sensing applications such as gyroscopy, accelerometry and magnetometry.
  • Amin Rasoulof UNM - 2017
     Nonlinear pulse interaction in air
  • Chengyong Feng UNM - 2016
     Study in laser induced disharge plasma
  • Shermineh Rostami UNM - 2016
     Fs filamentation in air
  • Xuan Luo UNM - 2015
     Scanning nanoscope
  • Koji Masuda UNM - 2015
     Frequency self-stabilization of mode-locked lasers
  • Chris Vergien - 2015
     Raman Fiber Amplifiers
  • Chunte Lu UNM - 2014
     Polarization studies in optical fibers (Unfinished Degree)
  • Xiaozhen Xu UNM - 2014
     Spatial solitons in air
  •  Two pulse/cavity lasers and their applications
  • Alexandre Braga UNM - 2010
     Bidirectional Mode-locked Fiber Ring Laser
  • Daniel Mirell UNM - 2010
     IR filamentation in air Sponsored: Target Ad. 
  • Andreas Velten UNM - 2010
     Intracavity pumped OPO for phase interferometry
  • Olivier Chalus Strasbourg - 2007
     Nonlinear propagation of high power UV pulses in the atmosphere
  • Liu Ye UNM - 2007
     Intracavity pumped OPO
  • Yule Zhang UNM - 2007
     Vanadate laser gyro
  • Ladan Arissian UNM - 2006
     Coherent interaction with two photon lambda structures
  • Alexandro Ruiz CICESE - 2006
     Femtosecond laser amplifier
  • Thien Dang UNM - 2005
     Mode-locked Semiconductor Laser Gyroscopes
  • Aaron Bernstein UNM - 2004
     Filamentation in air
  • Mark Ackermann UNM - 2003
     Parametric amplification of images
  • James Gruetzner UNM - 2003
     Imaging through dense scatterers
  • Xianmei Meng UNM - 2003
     Ultrashort pulse optical parametric oscillator sensor
  • Jens Schwarz Jena - 2003
     UV Filaments
  • Luca Giuggioli UNM - 2002
     Multi photon spectroscopy of air (Unfinished degree)
  • Jens Biegert TH Munich - 2001
     Bichromatic coherent two-photon interaction
  • Jason Jones UNM - 2001
     High resolution optical frequency metrology with stabilized fs lasers
  • Qunzhang Li UNM - 2001
     Solid State laser Gyros (Unfinished degree)
  • Jesus Mejia CICESE - 2001
     Fs ring lasers to study optical materials
  • Hui Su UNM - 2001
     Femtosecond Communication (Unfinished degree)
  • Patrick Rambo UNM - 2000
     Laser guided discharges
  • Thomas Rotter UNM - 2000
     Femtosecond Communication (Unfinished degree)
  • Briggs Atherton UNM - 1999
     Stabilized laser gyros
  • Matthew Bohn UNM - 1998
     Measurement of ultrasmall index of refraction
  • Michael Dearborn UNM - 1998
     Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPO)
  • Scott Diddams UNM - 1997
     Phase sensitive spectroscopy
  • Paul Pulaski UNM - 1997
     UniDirectional Multiple-Quantum-Well Ring Lasers
  • Cailong Bao UNM - 1995
     Ultrafast Response of PLZT Films
  • Lien Chen Zhao UNM - 1994
     Excimer Laser Assisted Deposition
  • Xinmiao Zhao UNM - 1994
     Laser Induced Lightning with fs Pulses
  • Chi Yan UNM - 1993
     3D Imaging / Diagnostic Methods
  • Chao Yung Yeh UNM - 1993
     Ultrafast E-Field detection
  • Michael L. Dennis UNM - 1991
     Novel Techniques in Laser Gyroscopes
  • Ming Lai UNM - 1991
     Nonlinear Interfaces
  • Feiling Wang UNM - 1991
     Nonlinear Optics with PLZT
  • Jhy-Ming Luo UNM - 1990
     Side-Mode Semiconductor Laser Injection
  • Nooshin Jamasbi UNT - 1989
     Vibrations in Liposome Membranes
  • Anadi Mukherjee UNT - 1987
     Coherent 4-Wave Interactions
  • Nandini Mukherjee UNT - 1987
     Coherent Harmonic Generation
  • Ian C. McMichael UNT - 1984
     fs 4-Wave Mixing
  • Wen Chen Wang UNT - 1983
     Coherent interactions in metal vapors
  • James Menders USC - 1983
     Coherent interactions in dyes
  • Joel Fontaine Strasbourg - 1982
     Femtosecond pulses and diagnostics

Former Visitor or Associate